Generation Z as Employees in Your Company

Generation Z in Your Company by Lorenzo Tural

Custom-made Workshops with the Company Executives  (inhouse) 

Generation Z Leadership Development

Talent Development Program


Note: We determine the binding program together with the organizers on the client's side: Tailor-made


Before starting:

Organize participants into groups of 7+/-2 Teams (5 - 9) and do a short survey about the importance of Gen Z as Employees in your company


1. “How do we deal with Gen Z?” - 

Keynote held by Lorenzo Tural Osorio (Real Gen Z)

Duration Proposal: 40-60 Mins

- How is the Gen Z structured?

- What are common beliefs?

- What are the differences to other generations? (Data, Data, Data)

- What does Gen Z think about the work life?

- How do we acquire and maintain Gen Z talent?

- How do we build Gen Z communities?

After: Short quiz with Kahoot



2. Ping-Pong Thinking in Groups "led by Gen Z" – Questions

Duration Proposal: 90 mins with 2 short coffee breaks

- Where do we see potential conflicts on site with Gen Z?

- What career paths can early talent expect to take at my company and where could we improve?

- What education, training, and support does my company offer early talent and where could we improve?

- Are we communicating accurate value propositions through my employer brand?

- Are we reaching early talent early enough?

- Are we reaching talent in a way that’s personally meaningful to them?

- How can we create opportunities for cross-generational collaboration and knowledge sharing between Generation Z and more experienced employees?

- What role can mentorship and coaching play in supporting the development and success of Generation Z?



3. Discussing the Ping-Pong Thinking Results "together"

Duration proposal – Presentations: 90 mins

One group member presents group findings

Lorenzo will interact with group members to review their results.



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