Business Antifragility Management


1. Conceptual Basis for Transforming Uncertainty into Competitive Advantage

Make business organizations less fragile and more antifragile!

- embrace uncertainty rather than resist it!

- lean into incerto rather than avoid it!

- learn to thrive in incerto when times get tough!

- Complexity

- Risks and Crisis

- The Incerto Project for Thriving in Incerto

- Fooled by Randomness

- Black Swan

- Skin in the Game

- The Triad: Fragility, Robustness / Resilience, Antifragility

- Mediocristan and Extremistan

- Via Negativa

- Barbell Strategy

- The Turkey Problem

- Sustainability

- The difference between Risk, Uncertainty, and Fragility

- The relationship between Risk and Fragility

Rethinking Leadership for Antifragile Businesses


2. Mindset related prerequisites for antifragility management

- Viewing forecasts critically

- Trusting Your Enterprise Risk Management System unconditionally

- Accepting Fragility

- Letting go of the Efficiency Myth

- Using Options for Antifragility

- Accepting Variability/Volatility, letting go of the Stability Lemma


3. Frameworks for Designing Antifragile Companies

- Frameworks for Fragility Analysis in Business Processes and Domains

- Frameworks for Antifragility Analysis in Business Processes and Domains 

- Frameworks for Fragility Analysis of a Whole Business (Company)

- Frameworks for Antifragility Analysis of a Whole Business


4. 10 Ways to…... 

- make a Business less fragile

- make a Business more antifragile


5. Case studies

- Antifragile Supply Chain of a Global Automotive OEM 

- One of the South America’s biggest restaurant chain

- Autonomous Vehicles and Artificial Intelligence for Future Mobility 


- and further case studies ...


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- B.A. International Business

- Masterand Market-oriented Management

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Strategies for Business Antifragility Management 

How to develope strategies for transforming incerto a.o. uncertainty into competitive! advantage through business antifragility management.

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