Rethink Leadership


To be fit for the Business Ecosystems in the new global economic world of

. relentless change

. ferocious competition

. unstoppable innovation, 

companies need to Rethink Leadership!


Move beyond resilience to antifragility!

Successfully navigating through incerto is not possible with yesterday's thinking patterns and methods!  

­čôť embrace uncertainty rather than resist it!

­čôť lean into incerto rather than avoid it!

­čôť learn to thrive when times get tough!


Our Conceptual Basis for Transforming Incerto into Competitive Advantage:


Companies in Business Ecosystems -of any size and across industries and

regions- have five key topics in common:


1. Autodynamic Capabilities 

2. Global Business Environment

3. Multidimensional Stakeholder Relations

4. Three Coherence Forces 

5. Business Processes


1. Autodynamic Capabilities

How do stakeholder decisions impact your organization's autodynamics and anitfragility?

Artificial Intelligence map lorenzo tural


Allo dynamical Systems

Auto dynamical Systems

Auto dynamic Competence

Auto dynamic Master


2. Global Business Environment

Where are the Known-Knowns and Unknown-Unknowns stakeholders in global business environments?

Corporate Environment Nature

Corporate Environment Society

Corporate Environment Economy

Corporate Environment Markets


3. Multidimensional Stakeholder Relations

Known Knowns and Unknown Unknowns act and influence each other simultaneously in the multidimensional stakeholder network of business ecosystems.

Would you like to build a Global Stakeholder radar together with us using Artificial Intelligence?

How to define Stakeholder

How does communication manage to exchange expectations in such a way that modern social systems like

- politics,

- economy,

- legal system,

- science,

- healthcare system,

- religion,

- education

- art


arise that function largely stably in the real world and independently of other influences.


4. Coherence Forces

-> Strategy &

-> Culture of Autodynamics &

-> Autodynamic Organization

How do you involve each stakeholder in updating your strategy in real time before your company is unpleasantly surprised by a two-way relationship in its environment?

Artificial Intelligence als Enabler for Autodynamic Enterprise Structures 


5. Business Processes (Autodynamical and / or Allodynamical)

How do you identify the stakeholders in your auto dynamic and allo dynamic value creation, management and support processes?

How do you identify the fragile, resilient (robust) and antifragile enterprise processes (business processes)?

How do you design fragile, resilient (robust) and antifragile business processes with auto dynamic and allo dynamic components?

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Yesterday's methods cannot be used to design tomorrow's business ecosystems!

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